Player and/or Customer: This term refers to any individual who is at least 18 years old at the time they engage with the platform’s offerings, provided they have not been declared legally incompetent or semi-incompetent. They must express a genuine interest in participating in the activities hosted on the LopeBet platform. Should the laws of the participant’s home or permanent residence mandate a higher age limit for engaging in gambling or similar activities involving real money, the individual must comply with these age restrictions to partake in the platform’s games.

Company: This refers to the organization that facilitates and manages gaming activities on the platform, operating strictly within the boundaries set by its licensing agreement and applicable legal regulations.

Account: This is a unique account established for individuals intending to engage in the gaming activities offered on the platform.


Rules for sports betting bonuses:

  • General Guidelines: These guidelines are tailored for bonus funds related to sports betting. Details such as the duration of promotions, required minimum deposits, and specific bonus values will be communicated through email or displayed on promotional pages.
  • Bonus Fund Withdrawal: Users are required to wager an amount equivalent to at least 20 times the bonus value within a 14-day period from the bonus receipt to withdraw bonus funds or any winnings derived from them, unless specified differently. Failure to meet these wagering requirements within the designated timeframe results in the forfeiture of the bonus and any winnings accrued.
  • Wagering Requirements: For wagering to qualify, bets must be placed at odds of 1.5 or higher and must be single bets, unless specified otherwise. Bets that are part of a system or multiples do not typically contribute towards the wagering requirements, unless indicated differently.
  • Usage of Sports Bonuses: onuses designated for sports betting are exclusively for wagering on sports events and cannot be applied to casino, live casino, or instant games.
  • Betting Limits: The maximum amount that can be wagered using a sports betting bonus is set at 500 INR, subject to any terms and conditions specified.
  • Account Balances: Players have two distinct balances: a real money balance and a bonus balance, with bets first deducted from the real money balance.
  • Conversion of Bonus to Real Money: Upon fulfilling the wagering requirements for the bonus, the bonus balance is automatically transferred to the real money balance.
  • Impact of Real Money Withdrawal: Withdrawing real money before completing the bonus wagering requirements will result in the cancellation of the remaining bonus.
  • Winnings and Bonus Tracking: Winnings earned from bonus money are credited to the bonus balance. Players can monitor their progress in meeting the bonus wagering requirements in the “My Bonuses” section, which displays information such as the total amount wagered, the amount already bet, and the promotion’s validity period.
  • Bonus Issuance Restrictions: Bonuses are limited to one per player, IP address, device, phone number, payment method, email address, and shared network environments (e.g., schools, workplaces, public libraries). Non-compliance with this rule may lead to the cancellation of bonuses and winnings, account suspension, or further actions.
  • Prohibited Strategies: The use of specific strategies to meet wagering requirements, including tactics like gathering scatters for free spins with bonus funds, is forbidden. If such strategies are suspected, the provider reserves the right to cancel all winnings and permanently close the account.

Casino bonus rules:

  1. Real and Bonus Balances: Players hold both a real money balance and a bonus balance, with real money being utilized first in gameplay.
  2. Wagering Period for Bonuses: Cash bonuses and awarded free spins must be wagered within 30 days from receipt, unless a different period is specified. Bonuses not wagered within this timeframe are automatically nullified.
  3. Management of Multiple Bonuses: Players can select which bonus to wager first in the “My Bonuses” section. This section also provides an overview of each active bonus and its wagering status.
  4. Withdrawal Conditions: Withdrawing real funds prior to fulfilling bonus wagering requirements results in the forfeiture of the remaining bonus.
  5. Game Provider Restrictions: Certain games may not be available in all jurisdictions. If promotional free spins are not playable in your region, contact Support for alternative options.
  6. Exclusions: Casino bonuses are not applicable to sports bets, Insta games, or live casino gameplay.
  7. Bonus Wagering Progress: The “My Bonuses” section offers detailed tracking of bonus wagering progress, including total wagering requirements and the validity period of each promotion.
  8. Issuance Limits: Bonuses are strictly limited to one per player, covering unique IP addresses, devices, and other specified conditions. Violations can lead to the removal of bonuses and winnings and potential account suspension.
  9. Maximum Wagering Amount: The maximum amount that can be wagered with a casino bonus is 300 INR, unless the specific terms state otherwise.


Fundamental guidelines:

  • The following terms serve as the foundational regulations for the LopeBet platform, binding all participants and customers across all gaming activities. These regulations outline the interactions between LopeBet (operated by Favorit United N.V., Curacao) and BINTPASH LTD (Nicosia, Cyprus, as the payment processor) with its users. These rules take effect upon being made available on the official LopeBet website.
  • Engaging in games for real money signifies the participant’s acknowledgment and full acceptance of these conditions.
  • Access to and participation in the platform’s real-money games are reserved exclusively for individuals who meet the player criteria, with each player responsible for adhering to their respective national laws on gambling.
  • Registration and continued use of the platform affirm the player’s consent to these terms, the privacy policy, and any other related conditions presented on the website.
  • Individuals under 18 or those who disagree with these terms are advised to exit the website immediately.

Account setup process:

  1. Opening an account involves providing personal details such as email or phone number, full name, and date of birth for identity verification.
  2. It’s imperative that the personal information provided matches the individual’s actual details, with the platform reserving the right to request official identification documents for verification.
  3. The accuracy of the provided personal information is the player’s responsibility, and updates to any changes are required to be made in the personal account settings.
  4. For registration assistance or inquiries, customer support is accessible via email or live chat.
  5. Duplicate accounts are prohibited and will be closed, with any transactions made from such accounts deemed void.

Account security measures:

  • Account details, including email and password, must remain confidential.
  • Players are accountable for all activities and transactions under their account.
  • Any unauthorized access should be reported to the company immediately.

Identity verification and anti-money laundering:

  1. Players agree to provide accurate information and documents for identity verification when required.
  2. The company may temporarily restrict withdrawals during the verification period.
  3. False or incomplete information may lead to account closure or service denial.

Deposits and withdrawals:

  • A minimum deposit is required to participate in games.
  • The origin of deposited funds must be legal and verifiable.
  • Deposits must be made from accounts or cards registered in the player’s name.
  • The company may use third-party services for processing transactions but does not accept direct cash transfers.
  • Withdrawal requests are subject to verification and checks for fraudulent activity.
  • Withdrawals must be made to the same payment method used for deposits.
  • The company may set off any player account balances against amounts owed to the company.

Additional provisions:

  1. The company may adjust withdrawal terms for significant winnings.
  2. For large withdrawals (over INR 1,000,000), payments may be distributed in monthly installments.
  3. Players are advised that exchange rates for currencies, including cryptocurrencies, may vary, and the company is not responsible for such fluctuations.

These terms establish a legal framework for using LopeBet’s services, emphasizing the importance of compliance with legal age requirements, the accuracy of personal information, and adherence to financial regulations.

Transaction and betting integrity:

  • Players are responsible for ensuring the correctness of details provided for each transaction during bet placement.
  • Access to one’s betting and transaction records is available through the “Deposit” feature on the platform. The Operator retains the authority to reject or limit any player-initiated transactions if there’s a breach of the gaming terms or any other conditions outlined on the platform.
  • Transactions are considered valid only upon receipt of confirmation from the Operator. Should a player not receive such confirmation, reaching out to the Customer Support team is advised.

Prohibited conduct:

  1. Activities strictly forbidden include: Engaging in fraudulent behavior, deploying malware, bots, or partaking in illegal activities. Disclosure of sensitive information to unauthorized entities. Misuse of banking instruments, including the utilization of stolen or unlawfully obtained card details. Participation in or facilitation of criminal acts, including but not limited to money laundering. Any form of collusion with other players or involvement in schemes designed to deceive or manipulate game outcomes.
  2. The Operator may withhold, cancel, or retract any bonuses or winnings if there’s suspicion of abuse.
  3. Efforts will be made to detect and act against collusion and fraudulent activities. The Operator disclaims liability for losses incurred through such misconduct.
  4. Immediate notification to the Operator is required if a player suspects collusion or fraudulent activity.
  5. Suspected fraudulent activities may lead to service suspension and account termination without prior notice. The Operator will not compensate for any funds present in the account.
  6. Misuse of the platform for illicit acts will result in account suspension and confiscation of funds, with no claim rights for the player.

Additional unacceptable actions:

  • The following behaviors are prohibited: Engaging in or directing abusive language or behavior towards others. Undertaking actions that disrupt the website’s functionality. Spreading viruses or harmful software, or engaging in spamming activities. Altering or manipulating any website content. Replicating the website or any portion without prior written approval from the Operator. Attempting to breach or circumvent the website’s security measures. Account selling or transferring is strictly forbidden.
  • The Operator is not liable for damages stemming from IT failures due to hacking, malware, or similar incidents arising from website usage or content download.

These guidelines emphasize the importance of integrity and responsible behavior within the gaming and betting environment, outlining the consequences for engaging in prohibited actions.

Account termination process:

  1. Players wishing to close their account should forward a request via email to [email protected]. The player remains responsible for any activity on the account until confirmation of closure is received. 
  2. Prior to account termination, the Operator may deduct any owed fees or commissions. Following account closure, no refunds for any remaining balance will be issued, nor will any outstanding funds be disbursed, rendering the account inaccessible thereafter. 
  3. On agreement to these terms, termination of an account absolves both parties of further obligations to one another. 
  4. Accounts may be terminated or suspended by the Operator without notice under certain conditions, including but not limited to association with previously deleted or blocked accounts, attempts to breach system security, illegal activities, or posting offensive content on the platform. 
  5. Accounts inactive for over 12 months may incur a maintenance fee or be closed/suspended without notice, effectively nullifying the terms and conditions from the date of such action. 
  6. The Operator reserves the right to end these terms by notifying the player via email. Except in instances outlined in sections concerning prohibited activities, the Operator will refund any remaining balance. Unreachable players will have their funds transferred to the Operator or a supervisory body.

Compliance and liability for breach:

  • Players agree to adhere to all terms set forth on the website. 
  • Breaches of these terms obligate the player to compensate the Operator for any resulting damages or legal expenses. 
  • Players are responsible for any misuse of their account and must indemnify the Operator and associated entities against all consequences of such misuse. 
  • The Operator has the right to take appropriate actions against players who violate the terms, including account suspension and confiscation of improperly obtained gains.

Players must:

  • Abide by game terms and conditions.
  • Provide complete and accurate personal information, updating it as necessary.
  • Notify the Operator of unauthorized data access.
  • Ensure the accuracy and currency of provided information. 

The operator will:

  • Offer gaming services in line with current terms.
  • Disclose personal data recipients upon request, retaining data for five years post-relationship for compliance purposes. 

Players have the right to:

  • Utilize website services according to the terms.
  • Request account closure through customer support. 

The operator is entitled to:

  • Modify terms and service conditions, with updates effective upon website posting.
  • Adjust service operations and requirements in compliance with legal standards.
  • End agreements with players refusing data processing consent.
  • Request necessary documentation for prize collection.

Players may review, amend, or request deletion of their personal information by contacting the Operator. Requests must include identification to ensure confidentiality. The Operator may impose fees for repetitive or excessive requests and can refuse to fulfill unreasonable demands.

The operation of our platform relies on the use of cookies. For guidance on managing or deleting cookies, please visit: Opting to remove or block our platform’s cookies might restrict access to certain features or sections of our site.

Submitting complaints:

  1. Players wishing to raise concerns about our services are encouraged to reach out to our Customer Support team for assistance.
  2. In resolving disputes, the data logged on our server will serve as the definitive record.
  3. Game outcomes, determined by the random number generator, are final. In instances where there’s a discrepancy between the game display on the player’s device and their account balance, the server-stored balance will be deemed accurate.

Handling of personal data:

  • We process players’ personal data strictly following our Privacy Policy.
  • By supplying us with personal details, players consent to their data being processed as outlined in our Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy.
  • We retain the right to store communications from players, including emails, to ensure accurate recording of all interactions.
  • We may send updates and information to the email address provided by players at registration.

Intellectual property and use:

  1. All content on our website is protected by copyright and other intellectual rights, either owned by us or licensed from third parties. Downloading or printing of website materials is permitted for personal, non-commercial use only.
  2. Accessing our website does not confer any rights to the intellectual property of the company or third parties.
  3. Reproduction or use of trademarks, logos, and any other proprietary content without authorization is strictly prohibited.
  4. Players are responsible for any infringement costs and are obliged to alert us to any unauthorized use, assisting in any related investigations.

System errors and corrections:

  • We commit to swiftly addressing any system malfunctions or game errors. We are not accountable for IT failures caused by players’ equipment or internet service issues.
  • In instances where bets or payments are mistakenly processed due to company errors, we will endeavor to rectify these errors.
  • Neither we nor our affiliates shall be liable for losses stemming from player errors or system glitches.
  • Our company, including all connected entities, is not responsible for losses incurred through data interception online.

Limitation of our liability:

  1. Players acknowledge that they use our website and its services at their own discretion and risk.
  2. Our website provides services as described herein, without making additional warranties or guarantees. We exclude liability for implied warranties to the legal maximum.
  3. We disclaim liability for any indirect damages including data loss, financial losses, or reputation harm that were not foreseeable. We are also not liable for the content on websites linked through our platform.

Exemption for unforeseen events:

  • The Company shall not be held responsible for any delay or failure in performance caused by events beyond its reasonable control, known as force majeure events. These can include natural calamities, warfare, public disturbances, disruptions in telecommunications or public services, labor disputes, or cyber-attacks like DDOS. 
  • Operations are deemed to be on hold during any force majeure period, extending the timeframe for fulfilling obligations by the duration of the event. Efforts will be made to resolve or mitigate the impact of force majeure to continue meeting our obligations.


  1. Any failure by the Company to insist upon strict adherence to any player obligation, or to exercise any right or remedy to which it is entitled, should not be construed as a waiver of such rights or remedies and does not relieve the player from compliance with such obligations. 
  2. A waiver by the Company is not effective unless it is expressly stated as such and communicated to the player in writing.

Should any provision of these Terms and Conditions be deemed invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable to any extent, such a clause will be severed from the remaining terms, which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law. The affected provision will be modified as necessary to reflect the original intent of the Company as closely as possible in accordance with applicable legislation.

The Website may offer links to sites not operated by the Company, over which it has no control. The Company assumes no responsibility for the content or practices of any third-party sites, including but not limited to their privacy practices or content. These links are provided for convenience only, with users accessing them at their own risk.

Efforts against gambling addiction:

  • The Website ensures the player’s account balance is always visible to encourage responsible gambling. 
  • Rigorous checks are in place to verify the identity and age of players to prevent underage gambling.

Acknowledgement of Risk

Engagement in online games entails the risk of financial loss. The legality of online gambling varies across jurisdictions, and it is the player’s responsibility to ensure their participation is lawful in their location. The Company makes no representations about the legality or appropriateness of its services in the player’s jurisdiction and offers its services without warranties of any kind, express or implied.

Policy on Refunds

Once a deposit has been executed on the LopeBet platform, refunds are not provided. Players are encouraged to consider this policy carefully before making a deposit.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) Policies

The Company is dedicated to safeguarding our clients’ assets and adheres strictly to laws aimed at preventing money laundering, terrorism financing, and criminal activities.

To uphold these standards, a Compliance Department has been established to develop and enforce Anti-Money Laundering measures and Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols, mandatory for all Company personnel. This department also oversees customer engagement policies on the LopeBet Website.

The role of the Compliance Department is to ensure the Company’s operations align with global anti-money laundering standards and that customer documentation is current and meets legal criteria. By creating an account on our website, customers fully endorse our policies, agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and committing to adhere to them:

For identity verification, customers must provide specific documents, including a color copy of their passport (showing the photo, personal details, and residential address) or a national ID card. The Company may request additional documents, such as a driver’s license or utility bills, for further proof of identity.

Verification includes mandatory phone number confirmation.

Customer withdrawals are permitted only after identity verification through provided documents and a completed profile questionnaire. Withdrawals must be made to accounts that are in the customer’s name, with third-party transfers and internal customer-to-customer transfers prohibited.

The Company may disclose customer information to financial institutions and law enforcement without prior consent as per legal obligations, retaining transaction records for a minimum of five years.

Customers are responsible for ensuring their funds’ legality and ownership and must not engage in or facilitate illegal financial activities through the Website.

In instances of suspicious account transactions or discrepancies in payment details, the Company reserves the right to initiate an investigation, potentially leading to account suspension or closure, payment cancellation, and operation holds until the investigation concludes, based on legal statutes.

Should there be a change in withdrawal methods from those used for deposits, the Company may request further information. Refusal to provide requested information may result in account suspension during the investigation period.

The Company may also require additional identity verification documents, including bank card copies, payment records, and documents proving fund legality and ownership. In certain cases, original documents may be requested.

Special attention is given to customers from high-risk areas.

The Company’s decisions to refuse transactions deemed suspicious, including account blocking or closure, do not subject it to liability for failing to fulfill customer obligations.

The Company is not required to notify customers or third parties about actions taken to prevent money laundering except when suspending services, denying customer requests, or during document requests.

This AML policy is integral to the Customer Agreement and the terms under which customers open accounts on Lope.Bet.

Principles of Responsible Gaming

Engaging in online casino activities is primarily for fun and entertainment. Nonetheless, a fraction of individuals might find themselves unable to control their gaming habits. It’s crucial to recognize that gambling is not a viable solution for financial gain or debt recovery. Players are advised to monitor the amount of time and money they spend in online casinos on a daily basis to prevent gambling from becoming a problematic behavior.

Understanding Bonus Requirements

All bonuses credited to a player’s account come with specific wagering obligations as outlined in the bonus terms and conditions. Not all games contribute to meeting these wagering requirements; excluded games include those in the Live Casino, Table games, Instant wins, Roulettes, BetGames.TV, Lottery, KENO, and sports betting.

Activation of any new bonus offers requires either the wagering or cancellation of existing bonuses in your account.


Players can initiate a withdrawal from their accounts, ensuring that all deposits comply with the platform’s Terms and Conditions.

To process payments, the Company may request identification documents, adhering to global AML & KYC (Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer) standards. These standards necessitate verifying a customer’s identity prior to withdrawal approvals. The Company may also require additional verification methods, such as video identification or ID selfies, among others.

In line with global standards for preventing money laundering and fraud, withdrawals are executed using the same method as deposits. Should this not be possible, the Company will select an alternative withdrawal method.

Before requesting a withdrawal, players must ensure that their Bonus Balance is free from active bonuses, lottery tickets, or free spins, as these may be forfeited upon processing the withdrawal.

The Company also retains the right to conduct further verification of the funds to be withdrawn, a process that will not exceed 48 hours.

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