In the jurisdiction of Curacao, the entity known as Favorit United N.V., registered under the company identifier 121466, operates from its legal premises at Abraham Mendez Chumaceiro Blvd.03, Willemstad, Curacao. Referred to herein as “LopeBet” or simply “The Company,” it adheres strictly to the Data Protection Legislation enacted in Curacao in the year 2013. For the purposes of this document and the practices outlined within, Favorit United N.V. assumes the role of Data Controller as defined in our Privacy Framework.

Should you need to engage with us regarding the retrieval, modification, or any query related to your personal data, a formalized inquiry is required. To initiate this process, we welcome you to reach out through our designated communication channel: [email protected].

This narrative aims to shed light on the protocols LopeBet employs in the stewardship of Personal Data pertaining to our users (“you”) while navigating and utilizing the services offered through the LopeBet portal: (“the Website”). Furthermore, this document is seamlessly integrated into the Terms & Conditions (T&C) governing the use of the LopeBet digital platform.

By submitting your data on our platform, you are consenting to our management of your personal information in accordance with the guidelines detailed in this Privacy Policy. Should the provisions of this Privacy Policy not resonate with your approval, we respectfully request that you refrain from engaging with the Website or submitting your personal data by any means.


The organization gathers and utilizes the subsequent information: complete name, date of birth, home address, contact number, and email; payment particulars; transaction specifics, whether through the website, phone, or alternative methods; comprehensive data regarding your website browsing history, encompassing traffic data, location data, login information, and other data.


The personal information is utilized by the Company for the following purposes: 

  • To verify the identity of the Player during the registration process on the website. 
  • To facilitate payments from the Player to the Company and vice versa. The Company will utilize your payment details, including the full name of the cardholder, card number, and card expiration date, solely for the provision of services on the website.


  1. To offer the Company’s services.
  2. To assist in managing the Player’s account and personal records. 
  3. To facilitate communication related to the Company’s services. 
  4. To address any inquiries or comments from Players. 
  5. To monitor the dynamics and usage of the Website, as well as the quality of the services provided. 
  6. To gauge the level of interest in the Company’s services. 
  7. To enhance the quality of the Company’s services and the Website. 
  8. To notify Players of special promotions and services that may be of interest to them. 
  9. To transfer prize amounts to Players, based on valid grounds for such transfers. 
  10. To gather various information from Players, including through surveys.
  11. To resolve disputes. 
  12. To levy fees, provided there are valid grounds for such charges. 
  13. To rectify issues and errors on the Company’s website. 
  14. To prevent potentially illegal or prohibited activities. 
  15. To comply with the Company’s Terms and Policies. For the aforementioned purposes, the 

Company may disclose Players’ personal data to any of its business partners (regardless of their geographical location) and affiliated companies. The Company ensures that these entities are aware of and adhere to the regulations governing personal data processing, as outlined in this Privacy Policy. Additionally, the Company and its aforementioned business partners may occasionally engage third parties to process Players’ personal data for the aforementioned purposes, subject to a legally established contractual relationship. If permitted or required by law, personal information may be disclosed to the appropriate government executive or regulatory authority. 

Personal data may be utilized for the distribution of promotional materials and to inform Customers about new products and features offered by the Company or its partners. By accepting these terms, the Player consents to the use of their personal data for the aforementioned purposes by LopeBet. However, the Player retains the right to object to receiving such communications.


The Company will maintain your Personal Data in line with the appropriate retention periods. This entails keeping the data active until you opt to remove your account from the Website. Moreover, data retention will extend for a necessary duration to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations for gambling entities and other relevant legal requirements. Should you decide to terminate your account, reaching out to LopeBet’s Customer Service will facilitate the deletion of your account as per your directive.

For the purposes of enhancing training and ensuring security, conversations with our Customer Service, both inbound and outbound, are recorded. Should there be a need to modify your personal details, this can be managed at any juncture via the “My Account/Profile” area (where applicable) or by getting in touch with Customer Support. Engaging with the services provided on the Website signifies your acknowledgment and acceptance of the Privacy Policy’s stipulations. It is crucial that the information you provide is both precise and valid, as the onus of its accuracy, completeness, and veracity falls upon you.

LopeBet takes it upon itself to educate its Players regarding their rights and responsibilities. We earnestly encourage you to peruse the Privacy Policy, T&C, and any other pertinent legal documentation presented on the Website.

Be advised that the Privacy Policy is subject to modifications or additions. The Company holds the prerogative to alter the Privacy Policy, with the latest iteration always accessible on this webpage. Any changes concerning the objectives behind the collection of information will be communicated to the Players.

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